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Patients often ask why do I need x-rays and are they safe? Dental x-rays are taken for many reasons and the frequency they are needed is different for each individual. Your dentist will access your risk factors along with your dental history to determine when they will prescribe x-rays for you.  Without these images your dentist would be unable to detect cavities between teeth, infections or defective crowns or bridges. Your dentist may also be looking for missing teeth, impacted teeth and even an abnormal growth that may occur in the bone.

Radiation exposure can occur by acute or chronic exposure. Acute exposure is a large dose in a short period of time and a chronic exposure is a small dose over a long period of time. All of us are exposed to radiation everyday. This is referred to as background radiation and is naturally occurring. One single x-ray is 20-30 times less than the annual amount of background radiation and 50-300 times less than a single CT scan. New digital x-ray machines decrease the radiation exposure even more. Unnecessary x-rays are filtered out and the x-ray beam is focused to the area of interest but as an extra safety precaution a lead apron shields your body. 

At Rideau dental centre, your overall health is important to us. Our dentists only recommend the x-rays they feel you need and that is safe for you

How Clean Is Clean?

April 02, 2013 | Posted Education

Have you ever wondered about the path the instruments used at the dental office take to reach your mouth? We’d love to show you!! We love to brag about our state of the art sterilization process and highly trained staff.

We need to start with clean hands, gloves and masks.  Before we even put on gloves are hands are washed or sanitized.  New clean gloves and masks are put on for each patient.  The treatment room is disinfected, the suction lines are flushed and the water lines are purged between each patient. We treat each patient as a member of our family.

Dirty instruments are contaminated with blood, food debris and saliva. Nobody wants to be exposed to any dangerous bacteria or viruses.  Your health is important to us.

All dirty instruments must first be immersed in an ultrasonic bath to remove any debris.  They are rinsed and dried before they are placed in a sealed sterilization bag. Now they are ready for the steam-pressurized sterilizer.  When the instruments are removed, their bag indicators are double checked to ensure they are ready to be used.  Validation that are machines are operating correctly are done daily by biological testing. Ask us, we’ll be happy to show you.

Next time you come to visit us, please feel free to ask us for a tour of our sterilization centre.