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Taking Care of Our Parents

October 29, 2013 | Posted Education

As our parents get older, their needs change.  Life can change and get more challenging in an instant.  Priorities evolve and oral care can get left behind.  Oral health for seniors is very important.  It can improve general comfort, quality of life and self-esteem.  Poor oral health is linked to heart disease, pneumonia and complications from diabetes.
Seniors may have trouble with brushing technique or remembering to brush twice daily.  Assistance or modifications to their oral care may be needed.  For instance, a large handled brush would help an arthritic senior.  Some mouthwashes or toothpastes may be too harsh and difficult to tolerate.  Good oral hygiene helps eliminate harmful bacteria.
Prescription medications often lead to dry mouth.  This is a common problem.  Dry mouth can be very uncomfortable causing denture pain, cavities and difficulty swallowing and chewing.  Home fluoride can help prevent cavities.  Changing toothpastes and mouthwashes can help sooth dry mouth and stimulate saliva. 
Seniors should also have their oral cavity checked for open sores or lesions.  These can be very painful and make it difficult to eat.  Proper nutrition is essential to overall health. 
Take care of your parents like they took care of you!!  Talk to your dental professional at the Rideau Dental Centre to evaluate your parent’s individual needs.  Call us at 613-230-7475.

Taking Care of Your Monsters

October 15, 2013 | Posted Education

Halloween!  It is that time of year for trick or treating and parties!  Dressing up to be your favourite character is fun at any age.  Our children are fuelled by their need for sugar!!  It is our job watch out for their oral health.
The toughest job as parents is juggling our kid’s happiness and their best interests.  Sugary snacks are often part of any celebration.  Supervising which types of candy, the quantity and frequency can make all the difference. 
Bacteria feed on candy.  The more the candy consumed, the bigger the sugar feast.  The longer is stays in the mouth, the bigger the sugar feast. Snacking on sugar all day, the bigger the sugar feast. 
Try to avoid candies that are sucked on or chewed for a long period of time. Do not feed your children candy with every snack or meal.  Remember candy should never replace nutrient rich foods. 
Most important!  Our kids need to brush after each sugary snack.  Brushing at least two times a day for two minutes and flossing once a day is the best way to fight cavities.  Two minutes is a long time for kids.  Put a timer in the bathroom to remind them to keep brushing.
Have fun and be safe on Halloween night.  Enjoy sweets but in moderation.  We’ll keep an eye out for any hiding sugar bugs on your next check up!  Call us at 613-230-7475.

It's Time to Quit!

October 02, 2013 | Posted Education

How many times have you thought about it? Nobody needs to remind you why you should quit. Obviously smoking can kill you many different ways. Why haven’t you stopped?
Quitting smoking is a personal decision.  Motivations can be health reasons, family members, financial or you could be just sick of the smell. You have to decide when you are ready.  When you are, do it!!
When the time is right prepare yourself.  Set a date and stick to it.  Get support from family and friends.  Talk to your family doctor.  Change your habits and make new ones.  Get out and exercise.  Identify your triggers.
In the oral cavity smoking is easily recognized.  Smokers often have brown stain covering their teeth.  Tooth loss among smokers is high due to periodontal disease.  Oral cancer is just one of the many cancers smokers are at a higher risk for.
At the Rideau Dental Center we can help you in your journey to quit.  Please talk to your dentist or hygienist and we can help set you on the right path. Call us 613-230-7475.