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Why We Paint?

May 27, 2014 | Posted Education

We changed how we do fluoride treatments.  We no longer use those big cumbersome trays that were uncomfortable in the mouth but now we paint on a fluoride varnish.  This varnish is a temporary adhesive form of varnish, which is applied by your dental hygienist.
It is a more effective way of delivering the fluoride to the tooth since it is designed to adhere to the tooth for several hours.  It can be applied to enamel, dentin or cementum to prevent decay, repair the tooth surface and treat sensitivity. 
Advantages include: 
·  Varnishes are easily applied.
·  Varnishes dry rapidly and set in the presence of saliva.
·  They are suitable to use with patients that have a strong gag reflex.
·  Due to the small amounts used and the rapid setting time there is only a small amount ingested.
·  The sticky consistency helps it to adhere to the tooth and stay in contact with the tooth for hours. 
·  Varnishes can be used in children under the age of 6 due to the reduction in the amount of fluoride that can be potentially swallowed.
At Rideau Dental Centre we are always trying to find better ways to improve your oral health.  Call us for an appointment at 613-230-7475.

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Are you approaching retirement? Have you thought about how this affects your dental budget?
Not everyone realizes that his or her dental benefits or budget may change after retirement. Many of us work years without taking full advantage of our insurance coverage. Unfortunately we cannot bank what isn’t used every year.
As we approach are golden years…there are specific dental concerns. Dental fillings do not last forever. They may have been in your mouth for years and need to be replaced. Large fillings may need to be crowned to prevent them from breaking. Are your gums healthy? Will you need to see your dental hygienist more frequently? Do missing teeth need to be replaced? Are your dentures fitting comfortably? Ask a member of your dental team all these questions.
It is often challenging when a patient comes to us just before retirement and inquires about work that may need to be done before their benefits are changed. It is difficult to inform them that their treatment needs exceed the insurance annual maximum. It is important to share your retirement goals with your dental team 3-5 years before. This way they can sit down with you and plan out any treatment needed while maximizing your insurance coverage.
Feel free to ask for a reassessment appointment. Your dentist will re-evaluate your oral health and prepare your mouth for your retirement.