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Happy Halloween!!

October 28, 2014 | Posted Education

Halloween is here again.  Kids and candy go door to door.  Holidays should be fun!  How as parents can we help minimize the destructive effects of sugar for our kid’s teeth without being total party poopers?
Simple sugars in candy are bad for our teeth!  As soon as sugar enters the mouth, bacteria feed on it.  The consumption of sugar results in production of waste that is extremely acidic.  This acid creates a hole in the enamel of the tooth resulting in what we call a cavity.
As parents it is your job to help find the right balance.  It isn’t just about limiting the amount of candy your kids consume but the type and frequency is also important.  Candy that sticks to your teeth or is sucked or is chewed for a long period of time increases how long the acid attacks the teeth.  When kids eat candy all day even just a little bit, this keeps the acid levels high in the mouth.  Bottom line is limit the amount of candy and how often candy is consumed and avoid sticky chewy candy.
Make sure the kids visit their dental professional for regular checkups and fluoride treatments too.  Call us for an after Halloween clean up at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.

What is Biofilm?

October 14, 2014 | Posted Education

Dental biofilm is a group or colony of microorganisms, which make up plaque in our mouth that stick to our teeth.  This biofilm is not unlike the biofilm that clogs your drains. 
These colonies consist of a variety of bacteria, algae, fungi and debris.  Dental biofilm is the cause of gingivitis and periodontitis.  A biofilm in the mouth behaves very differently than single bacteria in the mouth.  A slime layer protects it.  It cannot be treated with antibiotics but must be removed from the teeth using manual methods. 
Formation of dental biofilm can happen in a matter of days.  Daily removal and mechanical disruption of the plaque is necessary for healthy teeth and gums.  Brushing at least 2 times a day for 2 minutes and daily flossing is absolutely necessary for your oral health.
How is your oral homecare?  Are your gums healthy? Make an appointment with your registered dental hygienist today.  Call us at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.