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Come Relax in the Dental Chair!

January 20, 2015 | Posted Education

Coming to the dentist for most people is a comfortable or even a relaxing experience.  But for others it is the opposite, in fact they may avoid dental treatment entirely.  Avoidance can only create more anxiety. Avoidance may also lead to more extensive treatment, more time in the dental chair and cost of treatment.
Fears can be due to a phobia or a bad experience at the dentist’s office.  Sometimes patients can have a severe gag reflex making working in the mouth difficult for both the patient and the dentist.  How is it possible to perform dental procedures to make everyone comfortable?
Sedation dentistry uses medications to relax during dental treatment.  There are four different types of sedation: inhaled sedation, oral sedation, intravenous sedation and general sedation. 

1) Inhaled sedation or nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask.  It wears off quickly and is the only type of sedation where patients can drive themselves home afterwards.
2) Oral sedation is in pill form.  It can be a mild or a moderate sedative depending on the dose.  Most people fall asleep during treatment but can be awakened easily.
3) Intravenous sedation is delivered into a vein.  It is a moderate level of sedation and allows the dentist to adjust the level as needed.
4) General sedation is a deeper sedation generally used in a hospital setting only.
If you are uncomfortable or nervous in the dental chair, call us at Rideau Dental Centre for an appointment to discuss sedation.  We care about you. Call us at 613-230-7475.