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Taking good care of your teeth is always important, but it’s even more important during pregnancy. When you get pregnant, your body deals with many different hormonal changes. Here are some dental problems that may be experienced during pregnancy:

  • Gum disease - Occurs when a bacterial infection develops that can affect the fibers holding your teeth in place. Gum disease can affect the health of the baby, as women who have it are at a higher risk of giving birth early and having babies with low birth weights.

  • Gingivitis - Increased hormone levels can cause gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. This may cause bleeding when brushing or flossing.

  • Dry mouth - Caused by a decrease in saliva due to hormonal changes, it can increase the risk of many oral health issues.

  • Pregnancy granuloma - A red growth that typically appears on the edge of the gum near the tooth. These growths are not dangerous, but they can be uncomfortable and affect speaking and eating. They usually disappear after the baby has been born.

To avoid the above problems, be sure to pay extra attention to your teeth while you are pregnant, and eat a healthy diet. Visit your dentist frequently, and make sure that you let them know that you are pregnant so they are able to weigh the risks of x-rays and medications if they happen to be required.
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Are you looking to straighten your smile? Invisalign is a modern way to straighten teeth, using a series of transparent aligners, custom-made for your teeth. There are a number of benefits that invisalign brings over traditional braces, including the following:

  • Clear and virtually invisible aligners, versus traditional braces which require brackets and wires.

  • Unrestricted eating. With invisalign you are free to eat anything you want, unlike with braces which impose a number of restrictions of foods you can consume.

  • Invisalign aligners are removable, which lets you easily clean your teeth.

  • Smooth and comfortable aligners, instead of wires that can poke your mouth.

There are some limitations with Invisalign depending on your specific bite and expectations of orthodontic treatment. If you are interested in invisalign, book a consultation for a thorough assessment with Dr. Nguyen here at the Rideau Dental Centre by calling 613-230-7475.