Braces at Any Age!

March 17, 2015 | Posted in Education

Are you happy with your smile?  It’s not too late to create your perfect smile. In fact the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment is on the rise.  Teeth are moved basically the same in adults as in children.
Braces have become more esthetic over the years and have become smaller and less obvious.  Sometimes teeth can even be corrected with clear removable retainers. 
Crowding, spaces between teeth, large overbites and underbites, protruding teeth and abnormal positioned teeth can be corrected by orthodontics. 
Are there any limitations for adults considering orthodontics?  Yes!!
·  As adults, our bones are no longer growing.  Certain problems may not be resolved with braces alone but will require surgery. 
·  The health of your gums and bone around each tooth is important.  Existing bone loss will limit the movement of teeth. Your gums will need to be evaluated before, during and after orthodontic treatment is completed.
Don’t be afraid to ask.  Everyone deserves a confident smile.  Call us for a consultation at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.