Have you ever wondered why we at Rideau Dental Centre consider it so important to know as much about your overall health as possible? Why would we need to know about any recent surgical procedures when our job’s as dentists is to look after your oral health?

We believe the answer to that question can be found in the word that is common to both of those queries: health. The truth is that our bodies are marvelous machines with various different systems that function as one. If one of these systems is not performing well, it can have an impact on the overall machine!

So the truth is, when you come to the Rideau Dental Centre for the first time as a new patient, we will ask that you fill out a medical questionnaire.  The information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used to help look after your oral health.

Not convinced that we require this information? Let’s take a moment to consider some of the common events that occur in our office.

Certain dental conditions can cause discomfort and could require that we prescribe painkillers for you. Of you may require some form of medication during the course of your treatment in the office.

Many people are allergic to certain medications and some of those allergies can be fatal. When we know about your allergic conditions, we can often work with alternatives that are just as effective and obviously much safer for you!

Aside from allergies, many health conditions have a profound impact on your oral health. For instance, individuals with diabetes are more likely to experience periodontal disease. The sooner we know about your condition, the sooner we can devise a treatment plan to help monitor your periodontal health and reduce the likelihood of tooth loss due to periodontal conditions.

Perhaps you are scheduled for or have recently undergone hip-replacement surgery.  Although it is rare, there are some instances where oral bacteria entered the bloodstream and resulted in the failure of such surgery. If we know of your surgical condition, we can work with your surgeon to make sure both your hip and your mouth are protected!

The fact is that proper oral health care does require knowledge of your complete health. It is so important to us at Rideau Dental Centre; we will ask that you update it periodically to make sure we have an accurate understanding of YOU!

So when we ask you to complete a medical history form, understand that it is with your health in mind. Because keeping your dentist informed is a healthy habit…and healthier habits lead to healthier lives.

Dr. Bao Nguyen

Dental Surgeon