Kids Are Back at School

September 02, 2014 | Posted in Education

Kids are back at school. Summer is over. Have you started to think about Christmas yet? There are 4 months left until the New Year.  What does this mean for your teeth?
Most people don’t realize that their dental insurance has an annual limit.  When you don’t use the maximum, it is lost to you.  Insurance companies count you not using it.  Take advantage of the benefits that you are paying for!
This is the time to plan that crown, bridge or surgery you have been putting off.  It is always easier to do it when you can plan and budget rather than in an emergency.  Planning will also cost you less because you can take advantage of the insurance benefits you have before they are lost.
Start planning now before the Christmas crunch.  Call us at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.  We are here to help.