Plenty of people get nervous at the dentist. Here at Rideau Dental Centre, we offer both Oral
and IV Sedation. Both of these are forms of conscious sedation, which is an excellent idea for
patients who have anxiety or get nervous at the dentist.

Conscious sedation also allows our dentists to work more efficiently. Because of this, what may
normally take two visits, such as multiple fillings, could be accomplished in a single visit.
Conscious sedation is also used during wisdom teeth removal, to help ease pain and allow a
much more pleasant procedure for the patient.

Conscious sedation is an effective, safe way of reducing patient anxiety and allows patients to
undergo their treatment in a more pleasant fashion.

We recommend conscious sedation for patients who have
● A gag reflex
● Fear of the dentist/dental equipment
● Sensitive teeth
● Complicated dental problems

If you’re interested in conscious sedation, we are always happy to help. Contact us at Rideau
Dental Centre by calling 6132307475.