Say Cheese!

February 12, 2015 | Posted in Education

Everybody wants a beautiful white smile.  Most people don’t realize that our teeth are naturally a range of greyish-yellow.  Teeth darken with age and their appearance can appear brighter with darker skin or makeup.  A bright white smile adds confidence to any individual.  A beautiful smile draws immediate attention!
Whitening products are available just about anywhere but not everyone can whiten their teeth effectively.  Using whitening products are safe and effective when supervised by a dentist.  There are several reasons not to whiten:
·Active caries or cavities
·Active periodontal disease
·Existing fillings
·Existing crowns or bridges
·Stains or deposits that must be removed by a dental hygienist
Consult your dental professional first when considering whitening your teeth.  Find out if it will work for you.  Call us at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.