Technology That Really Makes You Smile!

September 22, 2011 | Posted in Education

Technology has changed so much of what we do in our everyday life. Think of the speed at which we can access information on the internet or the manner in which we watch television in high definition, streamed feeds. Thirty years ago, these sorts of technology simply did not form part of our everyday lives.

Dentistry has also been dramatically affected by technology. New materials and techniques better enable your dentist to deliver services that simply did not exist in the past. Furthermore, with the computer technology provided in some offices, you can receive that treatment far more quickly and efficiently than in days gone by.

One of the most dramatic technological developments is commonly known as CEREC or E4D. CEREC or E4D can be used for a number of dental procedures, including crowns and veneers. It allows your dentist to photograph your tooth and the surrounding area from multiple angles. The images are stored and a digital, three dimensional model is created.

Then the marvel really begins. The CEREC or E4D software will take that 3D model and design the crown or veneer that will best fit your tooth! Not only does it create an ideal fit for the restored tooth – it is able to consider the ideal shape to best function in YOUR mouth!

Your digitally designed restoration will be stored and then sent wirelessly to a milling machine specially designed for the CEREC or E4D system. The milling machine is like having a dental lab in your dentist’s office, meaning you do not need to take an impression on one visit and then return for a second or third time in order to allow an external lab the time to create your restoration. Within minutes, a crown or veneer can be created out of a modern, ceramic material.

Most patients are thrilled with the results. The digital technology, combined with minor adjustments by your dentist, work to create a tooth that fits and functions in your mouth like your natural tooth. And the ceramic material used can create such a close match with your surrounding teeth; nobody will suspect you have a crown.

All this can be achieved with one simple trip to the dentist! So if you have been putting off the crown your smile needs because you do not have the time to visit your dentist two or three times, ask your dentist if s/he uses CEREC or E4D.

If so, invest in your smile by scheduling that appointment. When you see that youthful smile in the mirror, you will be glad that you did. Because smiling keeps us feeling young, energetic and it is a healthy habit…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives.

Dr. George Parry

Dental Surgeon