If you look through the articles on this site, you will notice that we strongly believe in emphasizing how important good oral health is important for good overall health. At Rideau Dental Centre, we are certainly proud of our role in helping you to maintain a healthy, happy life.

Believe it or not, sometimes contributing to good health is as simple as restoring a smile that you will be confident to flash to the world! The positive attitude that comes with a healthy, happy smile itself can improve your health dramatically.

Sometimes, life can get in the way of making you feel good about your smile. Perhaps you have had an accident which chipped or broke a tooth, or decay as eroded a tooth and deprived it of its naturally appealing shape and appearance. Depending upon your personal situation, you may need a crown to restore your smile.

A crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth surface. It might be made of porcelain, ceramic or a metal alloy, such as gold.

Once in place, the crown acts as the outer surface of the tooth. Not only will it be what people see, it will be the new “tooth” you will use to chew your food. It needs to be structurally sound to do this. Therefore, it is imperative that it be installed properly to ensure a proper fit and a strong “tooth”.

Aside from repairing broken teeth, crowns can also be used to conceal discoloured teeth. They may also be used in conjunction with other dental procedures, such as a root canal. A root canal is a procedure you may require if the nerve of the tooth is not providing your tooth with the nourishment it requires. When this happens, the exposed tooth may become brittle and susceptible to fracturing. A crown will cover and protect the tooth, providing you with the peace of mind that your tooth is not likely to fracture.

The question is whether a crown is right for you! This is an important discussion we always believe in having with our patients before proceeding. For example, if your teeth are structurally sound, a crown may not be your best cosmetic option. This is due to the fact that installing a crown on a perfectly healthy tooth may require us to actually file or shave off part of the existing enamel.  This may not be the most desired option.

The good news is that there are other cosmetic options available that can be used to enhance your smile. For example, veneers can be a less intrusive way to cover stained or chipped teeth that are, otherwise, perfectly healthy.

If you are looking to enhance your smile, we recommend that you discuss your options with us first. We will be able to help select the best option for you. And should you decide on crowns, you may want to consider using CEREC to create them.  If you are a suitable candidate for crowns made by a CEREC machine, you may be able to have those crowns created in just one visit.

Whatever option you choose, we hope that the thought of flashing your new smile at your friends excites you. Studies show that smiling is a very healthy habit…and healthier habits lead to healthier lives.

Dr. Peter Georgopoulous