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Time for More Men to Get With the Dental Program!

August 24, 2011 | Posted in Education | Be the first one to comment

It is a sad reality but the fact is that, traditionally, men have not taken as good care of their oral health as women. The reason for this may not be entirely clear. However the fact is that this reality has manifested itself in many different ways.

In the first place, men have not been as diligent in daily home care of their teeth and gums. In a number of surveys, more men have reported that they do not brush their teeth more than once per day, nor do they floss regularly or use mouthwash.

All of these practices are beneficial to your oral health. Yet men who fail to follow them have nothing but excuses to justify their inaction. Some men erroneously believe that once per day is sufficient. Others simply claim that they do not have the time to brush twice, floss once and rinse.

The reality is that teeth need to be cleaned at least twice per day. The faster you remove biofilm from the surface of your teeth, the less likely you are to experience plaque build-up. That means you reduce the chances of tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontal disease!

As for time, it only takes approximately 5 - 6 minutes per day to look after your teeth! Two minutes to brush in the morning, two in the evening and then add a minute or two for flossing and rinsing and you are done!

Of course, you can feel free to brush more often! But even following this minimum level should help immensely! Plus, it should not be that difficult to find 5 minutes in a day to look after your health.

Other areas where men fall short in their oral health include visits to the dentist. Men are more likely to believe that they do not need to visit the dentist twice per year. Even if they do believe this to be necessary, they are also more likely to feel that they do not have the time to visit the dentist.

The reality is that, today, many women are just as busy, if not busier than many of us men. So if they can find the time, why can’t the men?

The reality is that twice yearly check-ups are vital to ensure that your oral health remains in good condition. A lot can change in 6 months and your dentist wants to make sure any potential problems that develop are addressed before they become much larger!

Fortunately, some dentists are reporting that more and more men are placing a higher priority on oral health. This may be due to an increased importance that is placed on male appearance and grooming today compared to yesterday.

Today, it is not just women who recognize the importance of looking your best. And that means making sure your oral health is top notch so that your smile is the best it can be!

To those men who have not joined the movement, it is never too late. Because taking care of your teeth is a healthy habit…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives.

Dr. Wayne Perron

Dental Surgeon

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