One of the greatest challenges we face at Rideau Dental Centre is patients who feel the need to limit their treatment to what is covered by their insurance.

We understand how this can be a concern. In today’s uncertain economic climate, some of you are worried about your job security. Even if you feel reasonably secure in your employment, you want to make certain that any treatment is covered by insurance before you proceed. Otherwise, you are concerned about spending money on dental treatment that you feel can wait.

This is increasingly becoming a problem as insurance companies are also looking to save money. One of the ways they have been doing this is by cutting back on their dental coverage. That can mean fewer procedures are covered, the percentage they are prepared to cover has been reduced, or that they will not provide coverage for as many visits to the dental office as in the past.

Unfortunately, we often see patients whose oral health needs do not coincide with their insurance coverage. Often, the most common issue is patients who have periodontal issues which may require more frequent visits for treatment. Insurance plans will usually cover periodontal visits every six to nine months. Only a few will cover visits more frequently.

However, patients who suffer from periodontal disease may need to receive treatment every three months. If they do not, bacteria may continue to build up on their teeth, and even under the gum line. When this happens, there can be deterioration of bone and tissue that may result in tooth loss.

If insurance is not prepared to cover the cost of this treatment, it is the patient who has to assume responsibility for the professional fee. This may lead some patients to conclude that they would be better off saving their money and limiting their treatment to what their insurance provider is prepared to cover.

However, our professional obligation as dentists is to recommend treatment that is consistent with your oral health needs, not your insurance coverage. And at Rideau Dental Centre, we take the obligation seriously! Regardless of your insurance benefits, we will present you with all of your treatment options and will give our recommendation on what the optimal treatment would be for your oral health needs.

Just remember, when you come to the dentist, we treat you, not your insurance company. We understand that temporary financial concerns may result in your having to make some difficult choices. But our recommendations will always take into consideration your health first.

Because treating your oral health rather than your insurance is a healthy habit…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives!

Dr.  George Parry

Dental Surgeon