From our standpoint at Rideau Dental Centre, when we hear that only 45% of the population visits their dentist at least once per year, we definitely become concerned about the oral health care of much of the population.  Most of you may be familiar with the basic belief that everyone should visit their dentist at least twice per year.

What you may not be aware of is that this is the minimum recommendation for those who are in good oral health. For those individuals experiencing specific dental issues, such as periodontitis, you may require more frequent visits.

However, for some people, the issue is not so much about the frequency of visits to maintain good oral health. If you are part of that population that simply does not visit the dentist at all, making the first visit is the one we are most concerned about!

There are always reasons you cannot make it to our office and we understand that. Work days seem so much longer than ever before as technology seems to have us permanently linked to the office. Single parents or two income families often struggle to balance work life with getting their kids to whatever activity they have that night.

As important as those aspects of life can be, the impact we can have on improving your quality of life is not something to be ignored either!

It is not just the traditional aspects of looking after your teeth and gums that we are concerned about. Educating you to look after your oral health away from our office is a big part of what we do!

That can include taking the time to discuss proper brushing and flossing techniques. It can even include proper care of your sports mouth guard. It may come as a surprise to you, but there is a case of a young athlete contracting asthma due to improper cleaning and storage of his mouth guard. The bacterial built up and went to his lungs via the access to his mouth. As soon as he properly maintained his mouth guard, his symptoms subsided!

The bottom line is that we pride ourselves on providing complete oral health care service. That means making sure you are armed with the best information to take home with you so you can improve your ability to look after your oral health.

After all, we cannot be with you every minute of the day. We need you to be as committed to your oral health as we are! And the first way you can demonstrate that commitment is by taking that first step and come in for an assessment. When you do that, together we can plan the way to help maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

So invest the time to see your dentist. Because regular dental visits are a healthy habit…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives.

Dr. Bao Nguyen

Dental Surgeon