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Why is Homecare So Important for the Health of Your Gums?

July 09, 2013 | Posted in Education | Be the first one to comment

The dreaded questions asked when you sit down to your dental hygiene visit… What do you do at home to take care of your teeth? Are you flossing daily? 
Why does it matter anyways?
Most people don’t really know what periodontal disease is or if they have it. Some people think it is normal that their gums bleed. It isn’t normal. It is a sign of disease.
Bacteria live in your mouth. They grow, multiply and group together to form a biofilm. Bacteria hide around and underneath your gums where it is dark, moist, warm, and generally undisturbed. When bacteria attack the tissues of the gums they cause your body to fight back causing an inflammatory response. In the mouth this appears as red, shiny swollen gums that bleed easily. Bone loss may be observed on x-rays and measured during your periodontal assessment.
Periodontal disease is an infection. To fight or prevent the bacteria in your mouth, you must reduce the number of bacteria and break up the biofilm. This means keeping all surfaces of your teeth clean especially between your teeth!
There are many tools to clean your teeth. Your hygienist will recommend a personal homecare routine. Visit your registered dental hygienist at the Rideau Dental Center.

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