Why White?

February 04, 2014 | Posted in Education

Many years ago I was babysitting my nephew.  His brushing as a toddler was not living up to my standards.  He was a logical young boy and wanted to know why brushing was so important.  When his mom arrived home I told him to look in her mouth.  He looked and saw the amalgam silver fillings.  He was shocked.  Even at that young age he realized that silver fillings were ugly.
White fillings are an advantage cosmetically obviously.  But are there any other advantages?  Are we putting our teeth at risk for vanity?
White fillings or composite fillings are made of powdered glass, quartz, silica and added to a resin.  A shade can be chosen by your dentist to match the tooth.  Composite can be bonded directly to tooth structures, creating two very distinct advantages over traditional amalgam. 
· Composite requires less removal of tooth structure.
· Composite restores most of the strength of the tooth, leaving the tooth less susceptible to breakage. 
Placing white fillings require proper technique by the dentist.  Improper use of bonding agents may result in tooth sensitivity.  Talk to your dentist at Rideau Dental Centre.  Call us 613-230-7475.