Tooth Extraction in Ottawa, Ontario

As a last resort, a tooth may have to be extracted. Tooth extractions are only performed when there are no other options available. They are done to prevent misalignment of teeth or to prepare your mouth for other procedures, such as invisible braces, dentures or dental implants. Severe infection, pain or impacted wisdom teeth are other common reasons to remove a tooth.

An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when it fails to erupt properly from the gumline. This can cause the wisdom tooth to grow into other teeth or remain underneath the gumline. To prevent such complications, the wisdom tooth may have to be extracted.

At the Rideau Dental Care we take your oral health seriously. That’s why we will consider all of your options before considering tooth removal surgery. If a tooth does need to be extracted, you will be given an anesthesia to ensure your complete comfort during the procedure. In fact, many of our patients are surprised how smooth and painless the procedure is Contact our dentist in Ottawa to speak with our staff today.

Tooth Extractions in OttawaTooth Extractions in Ottawa, Ontario

Tooth Extractions in Ottawa, ONTooth Extractions Ottawa ON