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The porcelain material of the veneer is meant to closely match the natural colouration of your tooth. Our team of cosmetic dentists in Ottawa can even tailor the shading of the veneer to your individual requirements. Veneers are typically made from either porcelain or composite resin. We prefer to use porcelain because it is stronger and more resistant to discolouration than its counterpart.

A porcelain veneer is placed over the tooth and serves as a layer meant to protect the structure of the tooth as well as offer an aesthetic alteration. To place a veneer, a small amount of your tooth may have to be reduced. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of distance the added veneer would protrude beyond the natural tooth. Your dentist in Ottawa will take a mold of your teeth to have the porcelain veneer tailored for your mouth.

In the meantime, your dentist will likely place a temporary veneer while the porcelain one is being sized. This one offers much of the same protection as the one being tailored, but is less durable. For this reason, you will likely be required to take more care when chewing and brushing to avoid damaging it until your replacement is ready. Once you are all set to get your new porcelain veneer, your Ottawa dentist will remove the temporary one we affixed and replace it.

But since a veneer functions much like part of your natural tooth, it needs to be treated as such. It is important to brush and floss daily when caring for your porcelain veneer to help it retain its integrity for as long as possible. That way, we can also reduce the chance of a cavity forming beneath the veneer, requiring its removal for further treatment.

This treatment is not meant for everyone, but we have many other services available for a variety of issues you may have. You may not want veneers if you grind or frequently chip your teeth as it can cause damage that requires additional treatment. Depending on the damage done to your teeth, other treatments such as dental crowns may be needed.

Contact our Ottawa dental clinic to inquire about using porcelain veneers to assist with surface-area concerns with your teeth. We are located just by the CF Rideau Centre as a convenient location to service your needs.
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Last Updated On 2021-09-25