Teeth Whitening Ottawa, Ontario

Are you ready to give your smile a boost? If you’re tired of stains ruining your pearly whites, the Rideau Dental Centre offers professional bleaching and teeth whitening services for you.

We offer several teeth whitening options depending on your needs. Our in-clinic option involves placing a whitening gel on your teeth for 15 minutes at a time. During this time, the gel quickly lifts the surface stains from your teeth. This process is repeated several times until the desired shade is achieved. In only 45 minutes you can have your dream white smile.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, we can also create a customized whitening kit for you. Theis kit includes mouth trays and whitening gel so that you can whiten your teeth at your own convenience. In a matter of days, you should see noticeable results.

Our smile team will work with you to choose the best option for your smile. Contact our cosmetic dentist in Ottawa to schedule an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening OttawaTeeth Whitening Ottawa ON