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Healthy Gums, Happy Heart

July 22, 2014 | Posted Education

Whether it is our mouth or our overall health, I think we can all agree that prevention and healthy lifestyle is the key.  We exercise, watch what we eat, minimize smoking and alcohol.  Is there anything else that can be done to reduce our risk factors?
Gum disease and heart disease are both inflammatory diseases.  Research shows that having gum disease may be a significant risk for increased heart disease and stroke.  This risk is comparable to smoking, family history and elevated cholesterol.
How is it possible that something in our mouth can reach our heart?  Bacteria in the mouth cause gum disease.  This bacterium causes inflammation of the gums, penetrates the gum line and finally spreads into the underlying bone.  How does it get to your heart?  For those individuals with gum disease, it is thought that the simple act of brushing or chewing food can injure the gum tissue.  This allows the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart.  Keeping your gums disease free is the key.
We want you to have healthy gums and a healthy heart.  Talk to your dental health professional about your oral health and how you can improve it.  Call us at the Rideau Dental Centre at 613-230-7475.

It Is Summertime!

July 08, 2014 | Posted Education

It is finally summertime and the weather is hot.  Which means we are more active and many of us are enjoying our holidays.  Accidents happen…  an elbow, a fall or a ball in the face.  Anything can happen which can cause a dental emergency.
Trauma to the mouth can cause a badly bitten tongue or lip, a broken or chipped tooth and even a knocked out tooth.  When is it necessary or more importantly how fast do you need to see a dentist?
When in doubt always call your dentist and explain the injury.  A bitten tongue or lip may only need a bit or pressure applied to stop bleeding or ice applied to reduce swelling.  A broken tooth may be repaired with a white filling but a more serious break may need a root canal and crown. 
A knocked out tooth always needs immediate attention.  See your dentist right away.  Your dentist may be able to put it back in the mouth.  The best prognosis is a tooth placed in the mouth within ten minutes and after 2 hours the prognosis is poor.  When the tooth is knocked out, if it looks clean put it back in the socket.  If this is not possible or there is a chance it will be swallowed, put the tooth in a container of cold milk. 
Talk to your dentist at the Rideau Dental Centre about protecting your teeth during any sport activities.  Prevention is always best.  Call us at 613-230-7475.