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I’m Missing a Tooth!

March 31, 2015 | Posted Education

Loss of a tooth can happen for many reasons.  It could be due to an accident, a huge cavity, a cracked tooth, gum disease or failed root canal procedure.  Tooth loss can result in difficulty chewing, esthetic concerns and eventual loss of another tooth. 
Replacement of a missing tooth can be done by several options: Bridge, partial denture or a dental implant. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.  Single or multiple teeth can be replaced by dental implants.  The best and longest lasting option would definitely be the dental implant!
A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium.  It is surgically placed into your jawbone beneath the gum tissue.  After months of healing, the implant is secure in the bone and an abutment is attached.  The abutment is a post that connects the crown and the implant.  Your dentist will fit a crown (or a bridge) to fit your missing (tooth or teeth).
Are there any reasons someone cannot have implants?  In general, if you are in good health, have healthy gums and enough bone to support an implant; they could be the right choice for you.
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Braces at Any Age!

March 17, 2015 | Posted Education

Are you happy with your smile?  It’s not too late to create your perfect smile. In fact the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment is on the rise.  Teeth are moved basically the same in adults as in children.
Braces have become more esthetic over the years and have become smaller and less obvious.  Sometimes teeth can even be corrected with clear removable retainers. 
Crowding, spaces between teeth, large overbites and underbites, protruding teeth and abnormal positioned teeth can be corrected by orthodontics. 
Are there any limitations for adults considering orthodontics?  Yes!!
·  As adults, our bones are no longer growing.  Certain problems may not be resolved with braces alone but will require surgery. 
·  The health of your gums and bone around each tooth is important.  Existing bone loss will limit the movement of teeth. Your gums will need to be evaluated before, during and after orthodontic treatment is completed.
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Orthodontitics is a specialty in dentistry focused on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.  Treatment may involve the correction of alignment of teeth, jaws and lips.  Benefits to treatment include prevention of cavities and gum disease, bone destruction and chewing difficulties.  Not to mention a confident smile!
Orthodontic treatment during childhood is best since braces can mould the bone as the child grows.  Braces are needed due to inherited problems like missing teeth, extra teeth, crowded teeth or misaligned jaws.  Some problems may arise from an accident or thumb sucking or losing baby teeth prematurely.
Ideally children should be monitored for orthodontics as early as three but typically braces are done when the child is closer to 12 years old, but it can vary.  Treatment is typically about 12 months but varies often with the compliance of the child and maintaining regular appointments. 
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