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It doesn’t matter if you use a normal toothbrush, or an electric one. Eventually, the bristles on
your brush will become worn out and your brush will need replacing (or in the case of an electric
brush, the brush head will need replacing). It’s important that you use a toothbrush that is in
good condition, to help make sure that your teeth are getting properly brushed.
Another important thing to consider when trying to keep your toothbrush in good condition are
germs. Toothbrushes are great breeding grounds for germs, so it is important that you rinse
your toothbrush under tap water after brushing. After you’ve rinsed your toothbrush, you should
store it in an upright position so that it is able to air out and dry off, killing the germs.

So how often should you replace your toothbrush? Typically, you should replace your
toothbrush every three months. After three months, the bristles on the brush start to break down
and are much less effective at removing plaque from teeth.

If you have more questions about toothbrush upkeep or choosing the right toothbrush, feel free
to give us a call at 6132307475.

Plenty of people get nervous at the dentist. Here at Rideau Dental Centre, we offer both Oral
and IV Sedation. Both of these are forms of conscious sedation, which is an excellent idea for
patients who have anxiety or get nervous at the dentist.

Conscious sedation also allows our dentists to work more efficiently. Because of this, what may
normally take two visits, such as multiple fillings, could be accomplished in a single visit.
Conscious sedation is also used during wisdom teeth removal, to help ease pain and allow a
much more pleasant procedure for the patient.

Conscious sedation is an effective, safe way of reducing patient anxiety and allows patients to
undergo their treatment in a more pleasant fashion.

We recommend conscious sedation for patients who have
● A gag reflex
● Fear of the dentist/dental equipment
● Sensitive teeth
● Complicated dental problems

If you’re interested in conscious sedation, we are always happy to help. Contact us at Rideau
Dental Centre by calling 6132307475.