Are Dental Implants Right For You?

August 28, 2017 | Posted in Education

Despite the many technological advances that have been made in dentistry, it is still common for people to suffer from tooth loss due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. Luckily, dental implants are available.
Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are surgically anchored into the jaw. After these implants have been inserted, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth. There are a number of benefits that dental implants bring over traditional tooth replacement methods, such as:

  • Improved appearance - Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, because they are anchored to the bone.

  • Improved speech - With dentures, the teeth slip and move around in the mouth, causing mumbling and slurred speech. Dental implants allow you to speak naturally.

  • Easier eating - The fixed nature of dental implants allows you to eat the same foods that a set of natural teeth can eat.

At Rideau Dental Centre we have dentists with expertise in placing and restoring dental implants. Feel free to discuss this with us during your next visit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by calling 613-230-7475.