Back to School

September 03, 2013 | Posted in Education

Sending the kids back to school is always a busy time for every family. Getting clothes, books and packing lunches and snacks.  Kids are at school all day and sometimes longer with after school activities.  That is a long time without brushing their teeth!
Cavities causing bacteria and kids have one very big thing in common.  SUGAR!  They love sugar. Bacteria feed on sugar to produce acid.  That acid creates a hole in the tooth that is called a cavity.  It isn’t realistic to eliminate sugar completely from our children’s diet but there are ways to reduce the risk.
Reducing the frequency and duration teeth are exposed to the acid attack is essential.  The acid attacks the tooth while the sugar is in the mouth plus 20 minutes.  So if your child sucks on a candy for 5 minutes, the acid attack lasts 25 minutes.  If they have 5 candies throughout the day, multiply that by 5.
-Pack healthy snacks full of nutrients instead of empty calories (fruits and veggies versus candy).
-Avoid pop or sugary drinks that are consumed over a long period of time.
-Avoid sticky sugary foods.
-Avoid candies or gum that have sugar.
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