If your kids did not head back to school last week with the French boards, then this is the big week for them! Regardless of the day they went back, we hope they are happy being back in class and excited to take on the challenges of a new grade.

Back to school brings a certain amount of normalcy back into all of our schedules. For starters, when summer vacation ends for the kids, it also ends for most of us grown-ups. With more time at work and more activities to drive our kids to, we have to become that much better at organizing our time to make our regimen’s run efficiently.

We would like to suggest that taking the time to look after your oral health, and that of your kids, be given a high priority in your schedule.  Schedules may be tight to make sure kids get to school and you get to work on time, and that everyone is in bed early enough  to get a good night’s sleep.

As important as that is, good oral health makes it imperative that we find at least two minutes in the morning and at night to properly brush our teeth. As small a commitment as this appears, the reality is that the average person spends just over 60 seconds brushing. That means the average person is simply not doing enough to properly care for their teeth!

Then there is the matter of flossing. Many people fail to do this at all. Yet it is something that also takes little more than a minute to do. That means your daily, minimum investment of time for good oral health is as little as 5 to 6 minutes. More is better, of course. Still, a lot of good can be accomplished in such a small amount of time!

Of course, when you are dealing with kids, you do have to be prepared to spend time helping them. Most kids do not have dexterity to be able to floss properly and will likely need your help. Truth be told, until  they become teenagers and start becoming more concerned about their appearance, you will have to take an active role in looking after their oral health as most kids will not do it on their own!

So when you are structuring your day, we ask that you make sure there is enough time to properly brush and floss your teeth and that of your children. Sleep is important to our health but losing one minute of sleep from your routine is not that big a deal.  However, losing one minute from brushing your teeth can be far more crucial!

So find those 5 or 6 minutes each day that can be the difference between good oral health and tooth decay or periodontal disease! Of course, your regimen should also include time to visit us at Rideau Dental Centre at least twice per year, or more often if your oral health requires it. Because investing time in your oral health is a healthy habit…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives.

Dr. Bao Nguyen

Dental Surgeon