I Don't Like My Smile

August 20, 2013 | Posted in Education

Patients often are unhappy with the appearance of their smile for many different reasons.  It can change your life and confidence level.  Our smile is one of the first things people notice and they are contagious.
Missing or broken teeth need to be fixed.  These teeth can be crowned or replaced by a bridge or implant. Old crowns or bridges may not match the teeth next to them anymore. Margins of the crown may be visible making them obvious.  Modern lab techniques can make porcelain crowns that are much more aesthetically pleasing than in the past.
Misaligned teeth aren’t just for children.  Sometimes teeth shift as we get older or maybe we never had braces to correct them.  Traditional braces or Invisalign could be options at any age.
Colour of your teeth could be the issue.  Whitening your teeth with custom trays or with over the counter whitening products may be possible and easy to brighten your smile. Not everyone is a candidate to whiten his or her teeth and it is important to discuss this first with your dentist before trying it.
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