Life is Stressful

September 17, 2013 | Posted in Education

Our North American lifestyle is busy.  We often put off taking care of ourselves to care for our families and our career.  It is easy to make excuses why we have no time to go to our dental appointments.  This has to stop.
Our bodies are just like the car we drive.  It needs a regular check up and maintenance.  Our oral health is linked to our general overall health in many ways.  Poor oral health can contribute to diabetes, respiratory and cardiac diseases, and women delivering pre-term low birth weight babies.
Routine exams help diagnose problems when they are smaller and simpler to fix.  Routine dental hygiene treatment helps maintain healthy gums and a strong foundation to support the tooth.  Prevention is the key.
It is important to have a long-term plan for your oral health care.  Insurance doesn’t cover everything and has annual limits.   When insurance hasn’t been used for the year, the unused amount cannot be accumulated.  It is lost. 
Try to plan to budget annual maintenance for your mouth to prevent exceeding your annual limit and maximize your dental benefits.  Our team at the Rideau Dental Centre is happy to assist you with your insurance claims.  Call us at 613-230-7475.