You probably already know how important brushing and flossing your teeth is for your teeth and gums, but what you may not have known is that good oral health has been shown to correspond with a lower risk of heart disease. Research has discovered multiple links between the state of your mouth and the state of your heart.
People who develop gum disease are two times more likely to get heart disease than people with healthy gums. But why? Researchers say that the bacteria growing environment that gum disease creates allows bacteria that do not normally grow in the mouth to thrive. When gum bleeding occurs, these new bacteria have a chance to enter the bloodstream, contributing to the formation of clots and plaque build up in your arteries.
As you get older, your risk for gum disease increases, but staying on top of brushing and flossing should keep it at bay. If you develop symptoms such as persistent bad breath, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, or swollen gums, let your dentist know immediately, as they could be warning signs of gum disease. Regular hygiene/dental visits are important to develop the best preventive regimen for your needs.

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