It certainly has been a hot summer! We hope you have enjoyed it up to this point and that there is still plenty more fun for you before it ends.  While we hate to talk about the impending end of summer, the fact is we turned the page on the calendar to the last full month of this great season.

We do have to prepare for the inevitable arrival of autumn. Along with the change in temperature, it also means preparing for back to school. In addition to purchasing the usual array of back to school supplies, we also suggest you start the year by bringing your children to see us at Rideau Dental Centre for a back to school check-up.

The truth is that good oral health is more important to school health than many people might think. Amongst school-aged children in North America today, oral health has become one of the greatest health care issues. It may not get the same publicity as other health issues, such as childhood obesity

Many people may not be aware that dental care issues are one of the biggest reasons children miss time from school. The pain associated with tooth decay and gum disease is very real and can keep children at home. Kids who miss more class time tend to have lower marks.

Even if the pain is not keeping your child home from school, any level of oral discomfort will likely affect your child’s ability to concentrate.  Poor concentration also leads to poor marks!

A check up before school starts will allow your dentist to diagnose any early signs of oral health care issues. This means you can address them before they become more serious and before they interfere with your child’s performance in school.

If tooth decay or gum disease are not problems for your child, perhaps orthodontics may be in the future. Discussing this with your dentist and starting treatment before school begins can help avoid missed class time.

Start the school year off right by including a visit to a dentist at Rideau Dental Centre to make sure your children have a clean bill of dental health. By booking now, we may still have the time to deal with any problems before the school year starts.

That means you can be confident that your child is heading into the school year without the worry of missing classes. Getting to class and achieving good marks in school are healthy habits…and healthy habits lead to healthy lives.

Dr.  Martin LaBoisssonniere

Dental Surgeon