What is the best type of floss to use?  This is a question that is often asked by our patients.  The answer is very simple.  Floss that is the most effective is floss that you use everyday and effectively.  There is no single floss that is best. Use the floss that suits you or makes your job easier.
That said there are different kinds of floss: multifilament floss (nylon or silk) and monofilament floss.  Nylon floss is the most common and been around the longest.  It comes in waxed, unwaxed, different flavours and thicknesses.  Monofilament floss is newer technology.  It is very strong and doesn’t rip or tear.  This quality can make it easier to pull the floss between teeth.  Monofilament floss is also available in different flavours and thicknesses. It is all about personal choice.
It is also extremely important that once you committed the time to floss everyday, you do it right.  Flossing needs patience.  It can’t be rushed.  Popping the floss in and out doesn’t cut it.  The floss needs to clean the side of the tooth, even under the collar of gum.  This is where the bacteria hide. 
Ask your dental hygienist to show you the correct way to floss at your next appointment.  There may also be some other interdental aides that may work for your specific needs.  Call us at Rideau Dental Centre for an appointment at 613-230-7475.