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Why Do I Need a Crown?

June 25, 2013 | Posted in Education | Be the first one to comment

A crown is like a helmet for a tooth.  Our teeth take a beating from a lifetime of chewing, not to mention clenching and grinding.  Crowning a tooth protects the tooth from fracturing when it has been weakened.  Fractures can be above the gums or below the gums. Teeth that fracture below the gums may be unable to be restored thus needing to be extracted.
The crown of the tooth may be compromised for different reasons.  One reason may be lack of tooth structure remaining.  A filling is only meant to fill a small hole and not replace the crown of the tooth. Root canalled teeth need to be crowned too. After a tooth has been root canal treated it becomes brittle and prone to breaking. 
Crowns are made of different materials.  They can be tooth coloured or gold or silver. Crowns can be completed in one or two appointments. Computer generated crowns (CAD-CAM) can be done in one visit.  Traditional lab fabricated crowns are done in two appointments. 
Your dentist will help you decide when a crown may be recommended and which type is best for your tooth.  Don’t to break a tooth! Call us at the Rideau dental centre for an appointment.

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