Patient Information Forms

***PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are unable to accept any paper forms at this time***

Please fill out the appropriate electronic questionnaires below prior to your appointment and your responses will be submitted automatically to us.
(Your information is protected and secure: HIPAA-certified.)

1. COVID-19 Patient Screening and Consent Form

2. New Patient Registration Form

3. Privacy Form

4. Instructions for Oral/Moderate Sedation

5. Orthodontics Informed Consent Agreement

6. (FOR STAFF) COVID-19 Employee Daily Consent Form


7. Dr. Craig: Pre-Treatment Instructions for Patients Receiving Intravenous Sedation

8. Dr. Craig: Description of IV Conscious Sedation

9. Dr. Craig: Treatment for an Impacted Tooth

10. Dr. Craig: Patient Self Medical History

11. Dr. Craig: Patient Information and Consent Form

12. Dr. Craig: Implant Patient Information and Consent Form (Done in office)

13. Dr. Craig Consent to Treatment for Surgery (Done in office)

Formulaires en français

1. La loi du gouvernement fédéral sur la vie privée

2. Formulaire d'enregistrement pour les nouveaux patients

For the following forms that are not yet converted to the new electronic questionnaire format, please fill in the forms manually. Once done, please scan and email them to our office ( PRIOR to your appointment.

Epworth Sleep Study Questionnaire

Do you suffer from restless sleep? Take out questionnaire for more details.