Athletic Mouthwear in Ottawa Dentistry - Ottawa Dental Clinic

You should consider visiting our Ottawa dental clinic if you are doing any activities that risk damage to your teeth.

Athletic mouthwear is designed to assist you in these activities and serve as a layer of protection. This damage typically occurs during contact, either with another person or an object and often takes place during activities like sports. You may think that you should be able to avoid the risk on your own, but it is much easier to protect yourself before a mistake than fix your mouth after.

Unlike typical mouthguards, athletic mouthwear is designed to more closely fit the specifications of your mouth with the goal of serving your drive for protection. Our team of dentists in Ottawa will work with you to tailor the mouthguard to your needs.

However, proper care and maintenance is required to ensure that your mouthguards suitably protect you and your teeth. Maintaining and storing your athletic mouthwear is important. Depending on the frequency of use, you will want to clean your guard before and after removing. Also, like any piece of athletic equipment, you should inspect the athletic mouthwear for significant damage to make sure it keeps protecting you. Your Ottawa dentist can assist you in this at your next visit.

But there’s more customisation than it just being tailored to fit your teeth. Our selection of mouthwear comes in a variety of types, styles, and colours to better suit your aesthetic needs when you go do whichever activity we can help protect you during. The mouthwear also helps keep your teeth protected from damage caused from stress such as grinding or clenching. Whether you’re practicing or professional, a mouthguard is a handy addition to your collection of protective equipment.

If you are interested in getting fitted for athletic mouthwear to help protect your mouth during your next activity, then contact us today. Our office is open from 8 am Monday to Saturday.
Last Updated On 2021-08-05