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A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is added to the mouth to fill the gap of a missing tooth. Having a gap where you are missing a tooth makes it much more difficult to do tasks such as chewing or speaking. But beyond these personal concerns, a missing tooth increases the chances of tooth decay.

By using an artificial tooth, our team of dentists in Ottawa fills the gap in your smile to help give you the appearance of having that tooth there naturally. The artificial tooth itself is typically made of a material such as porcelain and is tailored to fit your teeth’s natural shade to best suit your mouth. This procedure is an effective way for our cosmetic dentists in Ottawa to help you deal with an unwanted gap in your smile. A dental bridge can also be done to service multiple missing teeth.

Each person is unique, and their mouth is just as unique. So in order to make sure the dental bridge fits your mouth, you first have to come in and get properly sized. Your dentist in Ottawa must first create a mold of your teeth to ensure that it is specially tailored to your teeth. During this process, your dentist will likely give you a temporary bridge to help with your daily task while the bridge is being tailored to your mouth.

The dentist files down two healthy teeth surrounding the gap to help anchor the porcelain bridge. The bridge is then fused to them and should be able to support most everyday tasks such as talking and eating without issue. Once you have your dental bridge installed, it can remain for around 10 years. But like the other teeth in your mouth, a dental bridge should be cared for to ensure their longevity. It should be brushed and flossed regularly as per your dentist’s instructions.

To find out if you’re a candidate for dental bridges, contact the Rideau Dental Centre today. Our Ottawa dental clinic is located on Rideau St., just East of the Rideau Canal. Our services are offered Monday to Saturday in English, French, Cantonese, and Greek.

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Last Updated On 2021-09-25