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A dental crown is a common dental procedure performed by our team of cosmetic dentists in Ottawa. It covers much of the damage done to a tooth by creating a replica that fits over it and is tailored to the shape of your mouth. The dental crown is a popular fix for severe damage that happen to individual teeth. The procedure works by filing down the tooth to fit the new covering, and then adding the crown to cover the damaged exterior and strengthen it against the possibility of future damage.

Additionally, dental crowns are offered in various styles to give you more variety when customising your mouth. They can match the colouration of your teeth or stand out to try to bring attention to your smile. Dental crowns are commonly made from materials such as porcelain, gold alloy, or a mixture of these. As such, our Ottawa dentists can work towards customising your mouth to your personal aesthetic. That means you do not have to stick to only one material or style to complete your own unique smile.

At Rideau Dental Centre we offer CEREC Dental Crowns. These are composed of a specialised ceramic which works to mask the crown and fit the natural colouration of your teeth. They also set in just one hour so our team of dentists in Ottawa can help cover your concerns quickly. CEREC is placed entirely in-house so there is no need to wait for dental impressions to be sent off and processed. If you have severe damage to an individual tooth and want options for how it looks when covered, these may be the right fit for you.
To inquire about whether dental crowns are the right fit for your mouth, or to inquire about the materials available, do not hesitate to contact our Ottawa dental clinic located in the CF Rideau Centre. Our services are offered Monday to Saturday in four different languages to better serve your needs.
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Last Updated On 2021-08-05