Migraine Pain Prevention in Ottawa Dental Clinic - Ottawa Dentist

Do you suffer from frequent migraines or headaches?

At the Rideau Dental Centre, our dental clinic in Ottawa offers stabilization splints to assist with headaches and migraines that may be caused from oral stress.

During the night, a person may clench or grind their teeth. There are many possible causes for this. It could just be a temporary issue, such as a stressful situation that has occurred during a short-term period. This could be over the course of one day or a few. However, it could also be from an underlying issue that persists during a long period of time. Whatever the cause may be, frequent clenching or grinding can cause stress to various parts of your head beyond the mouth and trigger migraines or headaches. These splints offer a barrier between your upper and lower teeth that allows you to further protect yourself against damage caused through damage done while sleeping. Additionally, their placement allows the jaw to relax to minimize the muscular pain that occurs from the persistent use.

However, the clenching or grinding can lead to persistent issues that extend beyond the headache or migraine in the next day. If gone untreated, it can cause damage to your teeth and require further treatment if the tooth gets chipped or cracked. As such, if you have been experiencing these issues, it is best to contact our team of Ottawa dentists soon to minimize the damage that is done to yourself while you sleep. You may be experiencing some significant stress causing these issues, so you should not need to stress about that stress.

Our dentists in Ottawa use these stabilization splints to help relax your mouth and prevent clenching and teeth-grinding that occur while you sleep. Stabilization splints have been observed to help the underlying effects of these when used as recommended.

Contact us today to inquire about our headache or migraine relief with our Ottawa dentists. We look forward to helping you with concerns your mouth may give you, even if it extends outside the mouth itself.
Last Updated On 2021-08-05